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It’s escalating…Koala aired a show this evening

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hey Family:

Just so you know. Campus climate is getting worse, because we are not being heard. Our pain continues to be a source of mockery and we continue to be disregarded by the university at every level. Student funded television was abused tonight in which the Koala used racial epithets to target all racial groups (this is not just a “black” thing anymore) over live broadcast.

Actions and words that continue to target people of color is a clear consequence of lack of a firm stance on the part of administration to punish racists and sexists and to defend their students, the largest investors at UCSD. The lack of tangible action: we mean e-mails addressed to the student population, as empty words; we mean the continual protection of first amendment rights while others must stand by silenced; we mean the deprioritizing in social value and financial support of student-intiated and student-run access and retention programs, even though it is well-known that during times of budget cuts and massive tuition increases students of color are disproportionately negatively affected; we mean the incapability to hold students who feel safe at UCSD to the principles of community and the hostile campus they continually create; AND the real inability and lack of motivation to actually address racism at an institutional level. These examples signal the condonment of racism and sexism on our campus, and continued investment in white patriarchal supremacy.

Now, you can no longer say that this is just a student fight. There will be no difference on our campus unless we are reinforced by actual investment from the university at the institutional level to stop this and improve life for all current and future people of color. This frat “incident” can no longer be just made a learning example, people must be held accountable and punished for the decisions they consciously and purposefully make.

In response, we will be gathering on library walk, at 8am as a solidified community against racism to demand real actions be taken against the multiple “Black History Month” events, the South of the Border Party that occurred this month and the countless racially charged events that go unnoticed. Please wear black and join us.

Love and Solidarity,
Fnann and Mabel

“FYI…I’m on the phone with the UCSD BSU Chair and he’s relayed to me that there are White students on the UCSD student run tv calling the Black students “N” words, saying they received a pass and mocking them for being upset.  David is describing their frustration and anger and says that he and the other students do not feel safe and do to want to be on campus.  Students are crying and deeply upset over this situation and and have called UCPD.  I also spoke with Diane Griffiths, the Secretary and left a message for Judy Sakaki to respond.  We called the Chief of Staff for Mary Anne Foxx and left her my number to call back immediately.  We’ve not been able to get a hold of anyone on the campus, except UCPD, but they wil certainly hear about if first thing in the morning.  This is not good.”

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  1. John
    February 20, 2010 at 3:35 am

    Is there copy of the SRTV video online? Let’s use it–smoke the bigots out and force them to defend themselves.

  2. Christina
    February 20, 2010 at 4:36 am

    i don’t understand the koala. take away sensitivity over misogyny/racism and it’s still not funny. the guys who write this shit are guffawing idiots and i don’t know how they got into college.

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