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Reactions from 10News.com story…

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Public Reactions from 10News.com story (this is the sort of collective mindset we’re dealing with)…

For some good commentary on these, go HERE.


“Clearly the way college students view African Americans is offensive to some. Where would they get these ideas? TV shows on MTV and BET? Spike Lee movies? Television stations that fascinate on ghetto behavior? Who knows…

It sure isn’t from the ‘frats’….”

“NOTE: The only folks making a big stink over this are the media and college administrators trying to cover their arses in the name of political correctness. As I said yesterday, sometimes it hurts to see how the rest of the world sees you. The party may have been in poor taste, but it was certainly a pretty good parody on black youth in America. Just drive through Compton (or Southeast San Diego), and tell me if you see anything different from what this party portrayed.”

“The entire Hip Hop industry is “Ghetto-Themed” but it’s OK; they’re “keeping it real”.
If you’re a black college student, you’re “embracing your roots”.
If you’re a white college student, you’re a racist. HEY PARENTS: Is this the kind of hypocrisy and double standard you pay to have forced down your kids throats? Also, Hollywood and the music industry do not exactly try to glorify life in the trailer park, the way they do life in the hood.”

“I’m not sure what is more funny.

The fact that these students are having a “Ghetto-Party” or that UCSD is promoting respect for the ghetto culture.”

“Racism is in the eye of the beholder”

The vast majority of us are sick of how offended you are. Your self-esteem is not a concern in the real world, so grow [u]p and stop griping about everything.

“Ghetto” relates to a segment of the population just as “redneck” refers to a segment of the population. When people think of “ghetto”, they think of lower class blacks, and when they think of “redneck” they think of lower class whites. Not all blacks are “ghetto” no more than all whites are “rednecks”. I was not at all offended, because these stereotypes do not apply to me, my family, or my friends.

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