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Monday Updates

  • Meeting with UCSD Administration: So this morning, the BSU students met with the UCSD administrations. So far, people who were part of the negotiaitons have reported that the admin made a series of key concessions including: (a) funding SPACEs, (b) funding for African American and Chicano Latino Arts and Humanities (CLAH) minors, and (c) the preservation of the Chicano legacy mural on Peterson Hall. These of course are not confirmed so stay tuned for more info. The BSU has set March 4 as the deadline for working out how they’re going to fulfill the rest of the demands. I will update you as I get more detailed reports about what’s going on.
  • Roses in Geisel Library: some students left roses on the 7th floor of the Geisel library, the same floor where a noose was found last Thursday night. For more on this, click HERE. Also see pictures below.

  • Berkeley “Blackout”: Meanwhile, this morning, about 150 mostly African American Berkeley students showed solidarity with students at UCSD affected by the current racial emergency by staging their own “blackout.” They dressed in black, put tape across their mouths and stood outside Sather Gate. Here are some excerpts from their event flyer:  “Listen to the silence — Blackout 2010…We are brothers and sisters in a nonviolent, silent demonstration, standing in SOLIDARITY with the UCSD students who have been affected by blatent acts of ignorance and hatred…The UC Berkeley Black community stands here silent. Silent because we fear for the future. Silent because the past is prologue. Silent because there is nothing left to say. Our silence, then, is your opportunity to act.” For a news story on this, click HERE. For pictures, see below.

Finally: we have three new articles in the Guardian:

  1. Statement by student who hung the noose found in the Geisel library on Thursday
  2. Editorial – Look Up: You’re Part of the Problem
  3. Opinion: Systemic Racism is Revealed in “Cookout” Aftermath

Tune in tomorrow for more updates. -J.F.

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