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Letter of Support from the UCSD School of Medicine Diversity Coalition

To the UCSD community:

As future physicians dedicated to public service and medical students at the School of Medicine, we are deeply distressed and outraged over the recent escalating racist events perpetrated by UCSD students targeting the African-American community.   These types of incidents are not isolated; they have taken place all across colleges in California and the nation.  These events have occurred as a result of years of marginalization against underrepresented students across the entire UC system, and it is time that we stop condoning this behavior and the climate that fosters it.  The UCSD administration’s continued failure to enact recommendations made from their own task forces has resulted in embarrassingly low numbers of underrepresented students enrolling at UCSD.  Increasing diversity has not been a priority at UCSD and as a result the student body has become more homogeneous, less exposed to other cultures, and less educated about the rich histories and struggles of underrepresented communities in California.  It is precisely this lack of interaction with other students of color that has failed to challenge racial stereotypes and has promoted the bigotry behind the recent events.  Because of the failure to correct the lack of diversity and appreciation for all communities, underrepresented groups have long felt unaccepted at UCSD.  Now, the current situation has escalated into an unwelcoming and hostile environment.

We therefore stand in solidarity with the demands of the Black Student Union.

We expect that the UCSD administration will take these demands seriously and enact urgent permanent change.

In solidarity,
Medical Student Diversity Coalition
UCSD School of Medicine

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