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Post-‘Compton Cookout’ Archive Event on March 4

*Please Distribute Widely*

Dear Friends,

In an attempt at a meaningful contribution honoring the actions that are taking place on campus as of recently, we are interested in creating an archive that focuses on the (dis)organized responses from students, faculty, staff chronicling campus climate over the last few weeks since the “Compton Cookout.”

Here is how you can participate:

WHAT: We invite you to share photos, videos, emails, letters, testimonials, songs, fliers, buttons, journal entries and all other materials that have documented the recent event.
WHEN: Please donate these materials between 10am-3pm
WHERE: to the booth entitled “Archive of Knowledge” outside the Student Health Center (adjacent to Library Walk) on MARCH 4, 2010.

As graduate students enrolled in Ethnic Studies 257B: Social Theory, we believe in the importance of recording and archiving acts of history-making and ask for your participation in the making of history through the contribution of ephemera to this collection. Come and hand in your physical donations and also make a 30-second video testimony or response (or not).

In Solidarity,


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