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UCSD Chairs’ Statement on Recent Racist Acts on Campus

As department chairs at UCSD, we condemn the recent racist acts on our campus, and we stand ready to assist the University in creating and enacting institutional policies that will make UCSD more accessible to and hospitable for all members of our community.  We view the recent events as signs that UCSD must do more in order to achieve racial and cultural equity.  We urge the administration to renew its commitments to ensure that racial and cultural equity and diversity are integral to any campus plans to restructure the university during the budget crisis.

Douglass Barlett (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Sam Buss (Mathematics)
Bob Continetti (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Yen Le Espiritu (Ethnic Studies)
Clark Gibson (Political Science)
Dan Hallin (Communication)
Grant Kester (Visual Arts)
Joshua Kohn (Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution)
Marta Kutas (Cognitive Science)
Dick Madsen (Sociology)
Brian Maple (Physics)
John Marino (History)
Joel Robbins (Anthropology)
Nina Zhiri (Literature)

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  1. March 3, 2010 at 11:49 am

    I was shocked and saddened by news reports of racist acts at UCSD. I fear the campus climate is a barometer of broader national sentiments and trends. I stand with those at UCSD and across the nation who condemn racism in all its political, economic and social manifestations.

    Further, I urge the UCSD administration to take substantive action that will alleviate racial tensions and expand educational opportunities for all.

    The UC system, and indeed the nation as a whole, can ill afford a resurgence of the racism of the past. The current moment calls for civil discourse, creativity and collaborative problem solving.

    In solidarity,
    Kevin Howley

  2. Jaijaii
    March 3, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    I heard of the problems and conflicts that are rising at your school. I think a real solution to a attempt at making a mockery of Black History Month would be to make it Black History year and Latino. Turn the negative actions into a positive. In your student newspaper on each front page have a student or professor write a intriguing article about there knowledge of one of the history makers or the greats in Black/ Latino History and place a BIG photo of this person on the website and your paper.

    Now history can stare Hate right in the face. Thank God for racial prejudice because if it never existed would we ever have Black History Month or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It could be the Hate that hate produced or the Love that Hate Produced it’s up to you. Take action.

    Thank You

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